Our mission is to build trusting friendships with our patients and to offer customized recommendations for you the same as we would offer our own family and friends.

Since your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, we review your overall health and help you find solutions to keep your mouth and related systems in their best condition.

Beautiful results are important to us. We want you to look your best and feel great. We use use expertly matched tooth colored materials for crowns, veneers and  fillings. If you’d like to change your smile, we can do full cosmetic dentistry or just make some small cosmetic changes that produce big results.

Our name, Southwest Dental Arts, reflects our focus on the crossroads between healing arts and esthetic arts. Healing arts are involved with providing integrative health and wellness care. Esthetic arts are all about creating and maintaining beautiful, natural looking smiles. These are at the very heart of our practice’s philosophy for excellent care.

We provide a comfortable and relaxed setting, with a caring and professional dental team ready to help you achieve the highest level of dental care that you desire.